Search engine results pages (often called SERPS) can be divided into two categories, organic search results and paid search results. Ranking well on organic search engine result pages is essential to getting traffic for a website, and is a primary goal of search engine optimization.

Organic search results comprise the majority of clicks from search engines, with many sources claiming as much as 80% of all search engine traffic. Zojo Media takes a comprehensive approach to optimization, tailoring our efforts to your unique business needs.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a long term investment for your company, with much of the benefit being realized as time goes on. If you are interested in more immediate results for you business, you may be more interested in Search Engine Marketing, or SEM. Zojo Media is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional and can help you develop, manage and evolve your SEM campaign, promising a very positive ROI. More info can be found here.

Research and Planning
The first phase of our optimization process is getting to know you and your business. We take the research and planning stage seriously, and utilize the information gathered to target our efforts where it is most needed and most effective. Once we have a solid understanding of your goals and your unique market, we move forward to the website optimization phase.

Website Optimization
In the website optimization phase, our plan is put into effect. We optimize each page of your site to be more visible by the search engines, rank higher in the SERPS and increase traffic. We utilize only legitimate and effective techniques to optimize html, meta data, images and videos, urls, link structure and more. Once the site has been optimized, we ensure that it has been submitted to the search engines for indexing, and move to next phase of link building and promotion.

Link Building and Promotion
Link building and promotion is the key to getting good ranks in the search engines. This is because the search engines have figured out that if many sites link to your particular site, it must have a good reputation and some authority. In the past, websites could buy thousands of links from link farms and immediately shoot to the top of the results. The search engines are increasingly intelligent though, and have algorithms in place now to ensure that links are trustworthy and relevant. There are unlimited legitimate ways to get links for every industry, and we are veterans at finding the most relevant links across the web.

Website Tracking and Analysis
So how do we know that all of our SEO efforts are effective? It’s simple, we utilize sophisticated tracking software to keep tabs on visitor information, traffic details, keyword data, and page rank. We track our efforts from beginning to end to help us analyze how effective our efforts are, and let us know where to focus our attention next.