Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing a business or website by interacting with existing or potential customers through popular social networking websites and online communities. The intention is to drive large amounts of traffic and exposure to the target site.
BluNet’s social media Marketing services include social account management, generating viral content, creating social media promotions, consistently engaging, making RSS feeds available, embedding popular social network share buttons on your business blog or website, creating and maintaining your company blog, and promoting off-site link building articles through popular social bookmarking websites. Some of the most popular social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.


1.The more popular your brand is among a targeted audience, the higher the conversion rate. These days nothing is more powerful than having a dominant presence online among all the social media sites.
2.Facebook has become the biggest social site with over 250
3.Million users. It took Google ten years to reach 50 million users – something Facebook achieved in just 19 months .Social Media Marketing sites reach Million of online users, allow us to help you tap into your target audience. You too can use these Social Media Marketing sites to market your products and services and drive more traffic to your website.
4.Most of your satisfied customers prefer to recommend your brand to their friends and relatives through social media platforms. Make sure they can find out on these Social Media Marketing Sites!


1.More than 1, 921, 940 active Facebook users in Jordan.
2.More than 1,500,000 business with active Facebook fan pages
3.More than 156,000,000 twitter users worldwide
4.31% of twitter users follow a brand
5.YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google
6.More than 144,200,000 viewers in a month
7.Facebook fan page is a perfect way to get a connection between your business and others, as it is one of these new marketing vehicles available for a business to utilize.
8.It is also getting into some potential clients you have never met before. Updating your fan page daily can create a formality, control and relevance in your business.

WHY Do Facebook Fan Page?

1.We help you to build up a brand image using unique text content, distribution of audios/videos, blog posts, business presentations and much more – you NAME it and we HAVE it.
2.We create unique content for each social media site that we publish you. We focus on higher conversion rates from social networking sites. We help you connect with your existing users as well as focus on generating new ones. Users can submit text testimonials, post pictures, create and upload Video, hold discussions with each other – all supporting the growth of your online community.
3.We guarantee publishing back links to your business’ pages as well as having a Facebook Fan Page with your name in the title, your business will be receiving some big bonus points in the SEO department.
4.We track the number of interactions your page has with fans, view key demographics like sex, age, and location, and more.
5.Create online Ad campaigns targeting your core audience according to your Targeted audience and budget. Track & report Ad campaign results and conversions.

Social Media Services:


1.Reaches a larger, broader audience.
2.More personable and interactive with status updates and commenting.
3.Acquire fans or your page and network to potential business leads.
4.Engaging Profile & Cover Photo Design.
5.Custom Tab Creation & Daily Updates.
6.Facebook Ads to Target by Region.
7.Offers & Contests Creation & Execution.
8.Facebook Advertising Banners Campaign.


1.On going conversation with potential business leads.
2.Share expert advice and gain credibility in your industry.
3.Create a Business Name & Optimize Twitter profile.
4.Create Custom Twitter Background.
5.Engage with Followers.
6.Optimize Tweets with Keywords.
7.Build Targeted Followers.


1.Professional networking profile.
2.Industry-specific networking.
3.Establish credibility by partaking in group discussions.
4.Make new connections through current connections.
5.Optimize Company Page Design.
6.Post Company Status Updates.
7.Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads.
8.Create Products & Services Tab.

What choose Blunet to help you in social media?

1.Positioning for your business through social portals, FB ,Twitter, LinkedIn and instagram.
2.Increase followers and likers for your social media presence.
3.Special dedicated agent to Manage your Account and cover customer inquires.
4.Optimize and improve your campaign feedback.