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Search engine optimization (organic SEO) is the process of taking one’s website and making it more visible in the organic search engine results with the purpose of generating a return on investment for your business. Organic SEO services require continuous maintenance to achieve continuous results.


The Internet is a major marketing channel. There are billions of people performing targeted searches on a daily basis. Around 80% of all clicks resulting from a search go toward organic listings; the remaining 20% of clicks go toward paid ads (PPC ads). Search engine optimization services have an increasingly more crucial role in any marketing campaign.
Being optimized for organic keyword searches is critical to generating:

1.Traffic from people who are already interested in finding your products or services.
2.Improved visibility for years to come.
3.More on-site conversions–an SEO firm aims to improve the visibility of your website as well as on-site conversion rates.


1.Accessibility – We improve the critical, technical SEO factors that make up your website.
2.Content – Enhance your site’s content (page copy) for human readers and search engine indexing.
3.Trust – Increase your site’s trust with the search engines through link building.

Based on our client’s needs, our organic SEO services include, but are not limited to:

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting is the process of finding which set of keywords are the most effective at bringing up your website’s content on search engines and which keywords are most profitable for your business. As a general rule of thumb, a shorter set of keywords is very broad and very competitive (e.g. “toys” will bring up 1,680,000,000 results on Google; many people in the toy business target this keyword by default). But a longer, more specific set of keywords (e.g. “inexpensive kid toys in San Diego”) is less competitive and easier to optimize for. As another general rule: shorter keyword searchers are shoppers and longer keyword searches are buyers—so we try and get our clients as many “buyers” as possible by optimizing for a specific set(s) of keywords.

Link Building

Back-links are hyperlinks that point to your website from other 3rd party websites. Links pointing at your website can be thought of as “votes” for your site. So in theory, the more “votes” you have, the higher your site will appear in the rankings. Now, you don’t want a bunch of bad votes (links) from spam sites; this will not help you—in fact, it may hurt your site. Quality links are the key to attaining the best rank possible in the major search engines. Not only do you need quality links, but you also need relevant links. If you run a website about bicycles, then it doesn’t make sense to have a bunch of links from roofing contractors; that’s not relevant. It would make sense to have links from other bike stores, bike tire manufacturers, or even blogs about bikes.
Part of our link building campaign for each client is to evaluate your competitors to see where they stand. If a competitor has 1000 links and you only have 50, then we can better understand what it’s going to take to eclipse them in the rankings. We use your competition as a baseline in determining how far we need to take your site; we don’t just want to beat your competition, we want to crush them! Our link building campaigns are designed to do just that…crush the competition.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization (SMO) is a fairly new concept. SMO is the practice of making your site easier to link to from social sites (YouTube,Digg, etc.) and other sources. This can include social bookmarking, RSS feeds, submitting content to social sites, and many other methods.

Writing Website Content

It is a known fact that quality content plays a large role in determining how effective your SEO campaign performs. Blunet can integrate SEO-friendly content into your website from the very beginning. If you already have content on your site, then we can evaluate it for the criteria listed above and tweak it as necessary. To properly outfit your site with keyword-rich content, we use proprietary software that analyzes all of your pages and shows us where the holes are. We then adjust the content to include your keywords (for the search engines) and to read naturally (for human visitors).Content needs to be:

3.Easy to read for human visitors.
4.Easy to read for the search engine “spiders” that “crawl” your site.
5.Plump with your targeted keywords; integrated naturally.

Tag Optimization – Title, Meta, and Heading

There is much debate about whether or not Title, Meta, and Heading tags are even important in today’s SEO market. We can tell you that they ARE important and should be taken seriously. Technical SEO is not dead—search engines still look at both title and heading tags very closely to get a good idea of what the site is about. Meta tags are less important than they used to be, but why take the chance? We believe that every little thing counts when getting your site the best rank possible—even the meta tags.

We offer custom tag optimization for your entire site. We will go through your site and ensure that every page has the proper keyword targeted title, meta, and heading tags. We will make the tags look natural to both search engines and humans so as not to get your site penalized for spammy practices.

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SEO Marketing

How Does the SEO process work?

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires carefully thought-out methodologies and consistent execution in order to generate value for your business. SEO is not a one time shot, meaning it’s not possible to pay somebody a certain amount of money one month and expect to achieve a significant return on your investment in the form of high, competitive rankings on the major search engines month after month from here on out. Why is this?

SEO results are based on the amount of effort/work that goes into an Internet marketing campaign. The more effort put in, the better the results you will see. If work stops on your search optimization, then your website’s search engine appeal becomes stagnant and your competition is able to catch up.

Businesses will always compete – New and existing competitors will likely hire a search engine optimization company to take their web presence to the top on a regular basis. Will you? If company A gets to the top of the search results but then stops its SEO campaign, suddenly company B has a chance to jump ahead of company A.

SEO Campaigns are a Long-Term Investment

If you’re new to the industry, you should know that for most websites the process of SEO is not a one-time task with instant, high rankings. Effective SEO is a long-term, strategic initiative that takes time, investment, and expertise. Generally speaking, a good SEO campaign can get you ranking results in 3-5 months. With that being said, we have some clients who have seen significant results in 1-2 weeks.

There are hundreds of factors that a search engine takes into account when ranking your site. Some of which are (but not limited to):

1.Age of domain (website)
2.Competition for targeted keywords.
3.Number of quality links pointing to your site.
4.On-page, technical optimization.
5.Internal link architecture.
6.All of the above factors are crucial to your site achieving increased rankings and visibility.