Email Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available for communicating and developing relationships. But, email marketing can only be that powerful when it’s done well. There are many advantages to e-mails over traditional methods. The art with e-mail marketing is ensuring that your message gets through to the right person and is read and not just deleted.

With email marketing, you can instantly see who is opening your emails, which links they’re clicking on and how many of your subscribers are forwarding your emails to their friends. By using BluNet’s email marketing service, you can truly get the most out of your email marketing efforts. It includes email marketing services #Jordan and GCC Countries #Email Businesses, customized email marketing database for your own email advertising

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email marketing

Why Choose Email Marketing ?

Emails can reach a wide audience in a short period of time and allows recipients to immediately act on messages. Campaigns can be implemented and executed with only minimal software, hardware and personnel investments and can be measured in detail through open-up, click-through and conversion rates to evaluate the success of campaigns. The data allows marketers to adjust strategies to improve future results.

You can use Email to:

1. Generate new sales leads
2. Increase website traffic
3. Retain customers
4. Build your company brand
5. Educate an audience
6. Other communication needs

Blunet has four email data Base segments :

  • 130,000 Jordan Upper level Management email subscriber.
  •  200,000 Jordan Business email subscriber.
  •  70,000 Jordan Employees email subscriber.
  •  20,000 Jordan email subscriber.
500,000 Email Addresses in Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,UAE,Qatar and Bahrain.
Delivery features:
• Allow to send HTML, Images and text
• Sender can be your organization name.
• Full delivery report.