SMS Advertising – Mobile Site Services By Blunet  :

Blunet converts your  SMS marketing Campaign content into a visual SMS linked to Social media Channels, website and your Google map location with an Action call button:

SMS Advertising - MObile Site  SMS Advertising - Mobile Site SMS Advertising - Mobile Site Mobile Site Usage from Google

SMS Advertising – MObile Site

BLUNET Added Value to your SMS AdvertisingMobile site service:

1.BlUNET  has Data segmentation for all customer data base from the operator in Jordan: mobile Site  which will help you to know reach your target potential customer directly based on Location, income, provider, age and gender.

2.Visual content drives engagement: Visuals stimulate conversations and are a great match with the growing number of visual-orientated platforms that we use today. Furthermore, visual content is optimized on mobile devices, which have become deeply integrated into the everyday lives of consumers.

3.It’s more shareable:  Mobile Site Visual images are highly shareable in comparison to copy messages for brands, especially on Facebook and the increasingly popular.

4.Visual content is processed 60,000 times quicker than text: Mobile Site when clear, concise communication of a message is sought, visual stimuli are the answer. Research from 3M found people process images at a much faster rate than text, and studies have found that the human brain deciphers images simultaneously as opposed the linear processing of text.

5.Get more calls: Our Click-to-Call feature enables your customers to contact you with just the push of a button.

6.Step By step Directions: Mobile Site ensure your customers are always able to find their way to your brick-and-mortar location. Just one click will lead them directly to your door.

SMS Advertising - mobile site SMS Advertising - Mobile Site SMS Advertising - Mobile Site mobile site1

SMS Advertising – mobile site