SMS marketing in Jordan

SMS Marketing 

SMS Marketing is part of mobile marketing and it enables you to send coupons, announce special offer and discounts, promote sales and events. We focus to increase your lead generation and reach your targeted goals for your relevant campaign. Text messages are opened 95% of the time Compare that to email that is opened, at best, 25% of the time.

Blunet gives two Options:

1.Have your own platform and send directly to your collected data
Increase your database using Blunet segmented relevant data “Customer personas” classified as:

  • Age.
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Location
  • Interest 


sms marketing sms marketing SMS Marketing sms marketing tips for apparel store

sms marketing

Blunet SMS MArketing team helps you in designing your SMS text Message and allocate your campaigns specifically for your business by identifying your target customers.

2.Arrive Instantly.
3. High Open Rates.
4.It’s To the Point.
5.Everyone has a mobile phone and we love to text.

Blunet Added Value to your message advertising service:

1.Blunet has Data segmentation for all customer .
2.Visual content drives engagement.
3.It’s more shareable.
5.Get for more calls by  Our Click-to-Call feature.Reporting and Follow 
6.Step By step Directions.
7. Reporting and Follow up