Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Is your site Mobile-Friendly? Can you imagine life without a smartphone or tablet? Before 1994, access to the Internet was limited to desktops and laptops, confining website commerce to the home and business. Believe it or not, the first micro/mobile browser made its debut that year. And 13 years later, how we all use the Internet changed immeasurably with the introduction of the iPhone. And it continues to change for businesses such as yours and your customers’.

Google has begun to think beyond the desktop and is now catering to the mobile user. This makes continued sense, as 1) Google is always thinking of the search engine user’s experience and 2) e-commerce transactions via mobile browsers are slowly overtaking desktop purchases:

• Fifty percent of website traffic is coming from mobile devices.
• We spend almost 30 hours per month accessing media via mobile browsers and mobile apps.
• Mobile browsers accounted for more than 20 percent of 2014 holiday sales. And that number should be much higher this year.

(From my own personal experience, I have found that I am ordering much more through my mobile devices than I was a year ago. I’m sure that most of you reading this are as well.)

The end result, as of April 2015, is that Google’s algorithm has added “mobile-friendly” as a factor in ranking your website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So what does this mean to the book publishing industry? It means that in order to stay competitive with your peers and the major retailers, you’ll need to bring your website to your customers wherever they are on whatever device they are on (including the full e-commerce transactional experience).

Some of you are already there. In our evaluation of the 12 participants, half have optimized their sites for mobile browsers. The average score for this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factor was a 3.1 (a “C” grade). For this factor, the site was either “mobile-friendly” and received a score of 5, or wasn’t mobile-friendly and received a score of 1. One site (Dragon Moon Press) had some mobile-friendly features on the book page, but not the homepage (we tested both for each publisher). And the book page had some errors that prevented the testing tool from finishing the test. So let’s delve deeper into what being mobile-friendly entails and how to adjust your website accordingly.

Source: Digital Book World