Boost Your Apparel Store Sales With These Creative Text Marketing Tips

Boost Your Apparel Store Sales With These Creative Text Marketing Tips

You don’t need to be told that your apparel store faces some stiff competition, both from neighboring retailers and online stores. While the fashion and clothing industry is a saturated niche, you can give yourself a competitive edge by following a few simple yet underutilized SMS marketing tips.

1. Opt-In Email for New Arrivals

Are you collecting signatures for a subscriber’s list? Do you have a signup box on your website’s homepage? Those who sign up for SMS text messages are your primary leads. You want to nurture them by sending out brief text ads whenever new arrivals or season-specific apparel come in. Remember, your customers have dozens of other retailers to consider besides yours; keep them in the loop to keep your company in the back of their minds.

2. Customized Updates

You want to inform your customers of updates, but it has to be updates that are relevant to them. In other words, don’t be sending SMS ads to your male consumers about that new pair of skinny jeans that arrived in your inventory.

Ads need to be customer-specific. Sure, it’s a lot easier to send text ads by the bulk, but this can backfire. If you inundate your consumers with daily messages that are hardly relevant to them, they may unsubscribe. Your website should have some metric system in place that keeps track of customers’ search history. It’s also helpful to include some sort of customization feature where customers can add items to a favorites list. Use this to determine what individual customers are inclined to take a liking to and send SMS messages based on these products or related items.

3. SMS Coupons via Facebook Apps

People like a good bargain and paying below retail price. Instead of just sending customers updates regarding new arrivals, sweeten the deal by throwing in a limited-time offer. This can simply be a coupon code, a buy-one-get-one-half-off deal, or free shipping.

As of 2015, an estimated 97.4 million people have redeemed coupons sent to their mobile devices. That’s an 18.4% increase from the previous year.

There are some really nifty apps for Facebook that enables users to automatically send coupons and discount codes to users in exchange for following or liking your company page.

Make It a Part of Your Outreach

Promotional methods via social media, email marketing, and the like are fine and dandy, but they are not the be-all end-all. Here’s something for you to digest: 98% of SMS is opened and read, compared to just 22% for emails. This makes text-based marketing a lucrative venture for apparel companies looking to create a loyal customer base.

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Understanding the Advantage and Power of SMS broadcasting

Why limit marketing campaign to traditional media, when you can use other cost-effective channels, such as SMS? Sending text messages does not cost much, but can create a positive impact. If you have not considered SMS messaging before, you might want to start using it now.

On SMS broadcasting

SMS broadcast campaign is where you send one text message to a number of people, which is more convenient than sending SMS one at a time. Although personalization matters in text marketing, there are instances when bulk SMS provides a better and quicker option.

For this marketing strategy to work, you must collect plenty of phone numbers and build a database. The best way you can do this is to send SMS that gives prospects a choice to opt-in for mass text messaging. We use 10 digit phone numbers such as (962) 565-8888 so that you will know immediately that it’s a local phone number.

With a bank of phone numbers, you can then send information about your promo through a text blast service. Using the promo code received, prospects will then be prompted to visit your store and take advantage of your special offers.

Now that you understand how bulk SMS works, it’s time to find out what benefits it will bring to business owners like you.

It offers great convenience

Whether it is through mobile or online SMS, text messages remain to be a great way to communicate. What is even better is that they are easier to create and disseminate, especially when SMS broadcast is used. Using just one number to send to many, you can cut down on advertising time and efforts.

It enables you to send important notifications at an affordable cost

Compared to traditional media, sending text messages by bulk is relatively inexpensive. But the response rate is staggeringly high, which is something you would not achieve through print advertising. You can send mass text messaging to announce special promotions, create customer surveys and other campaigns without spending a lot.

It guarantees a direct response

As long as the content of the SMS appeals to a client, a direct and quick response is almost always guaranteed. What does it take for a prospect to respond, anyway? Knowing that they’re dealing with a local phone number can put them at ease and thus respond quickly.

So how does bulk SMS compare with traditional media?

It boasts a read rate of up to 90%, with 32% of recipients responding immediately. Email newsletters only have an open rate of around 15% with no guarantees of a response. Flyers and brochures may be read the moment they are received, but they often make their way to archives or the waste basket. This only shows that SMS messaging can do wonders for your business. Used right and with enough incentive to generate leads, you will have more opportunities for conversion.

Want to make the most of SMS broadcasting? Let a voice and carrier provider do the hard work for you. Blunet  Systems have the tools and expertise to handle this task and ensure positive and profitable results.