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the marketing industry has always been on the cutting edge. These days, SMS marketing – especially text messaging marketing campaigns – is one of the most vibrant sectors in an exciting industry. Considering how much we use our mobile phones, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Many business owners are slow to pick up the trend, however, relying exclusively on more expensive forms of marketing like print advertisements and paper coupons. Don’t make that mistake. Here are a few reasons why SMS marketing should be an integral part of your company’s campaign:

It’s Easy to Use

Getting your message out to potential customers is easy. Just send a mass text message to everyone on your call list. There’s little strategy required, and no other advertising medium allows you to meet more people in such a short amount of time.

SMS marketing is also inexpensive, as it doesn’t require you to buy advertising space or print materials. You simply need to pay for mobile services. Research has shown that text messages have a 99 percent open rate. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

It Creates a Unique Experience

Traditional forms of advertising keep the customer relatively passive; whether it’s watching a TV commercial, reading a magazine or glancing at a billboard while driving to work, the potential customer isn’t actively engaged. SMS marketing software can change that.

More and more SMS ad campaigns are interactive, allowing the target to choose their role in the process. And the sky is the limit. How much you want to customize the campaign for the customer is up to you.

It Supplements Other Aspects of Your Campaign

SMS marketing adds an active component to your overall marketing campaign. With an instant call to action, in-advertisement links to products and services, and direct communication between potential customers and your representatives, there is no better way to engage customers.

For example, a traditional video advertisement will help pique interest in your product. Coupling that with a well-timed text message marketing campaign, and you have more customers acting on the buzz you’ve already generated.

It’s Easier to Measure ROI

Text message marketing campaigns help boost digital marketing ROI through analytics. Any digital marketing campaign has built-in analytics, so you can track who is responding where and when, and how lucrative their business is.

Real-time analytics also make it easy to calculate cost per customer acquisition (CPCA), a crucial consideration for any business. CPCA is then boosted by keeping costs down while reaching more people.

It Takes Your Offline Audience Online

Upgrading to an SMS marketing campaign allows you to track data in real time. But it means so much more than better analytics. It also keeps you closer to your customers, allowing you to better serve them.

Keeping customers active, and expanding the range of services immediately available to them, means your business will bring in much more revenue over the customer’s duration.

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